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Justin Kelly

Photographer, Share Holder, Purchaser & Photobooth Technician

Team Photo

Hello, Justin here!

I have been a fellow associate here at Shooting Stars photo booth since 2018. I possess a mixed art educational background, including photography, and have sold several paintings and sculptures through local galleries. When I first joined the team I remember being impressed at the range of venues that we attend and the diverse set of props that were on hand.

I am always happy to see our clients have such a great time, and am often surprised at how many different uses our props get at the events we host. Our service at events is blast for our clients and we don’t hesitate to join in! Contact us today and let us show you how easy and enjoyable our attended photo booths are!


225 Marconi Blvd, London, ON N5V 1A6

(519) 701-6668